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Sports are more than their stats. Welcome to Journeyman Sports, a home for stories about what makes sports so transcendent, the people who take part in them.  

There’s nothing like being consumed by a moment. Within the span of a second, the world, which seemed so rigid and predetermined before, can be teeming with possibility. 

Sports, on a scale only seen with religion, has the potential to bond the modern world together like little else. There are countless stories in which the hopes, dreams, and futures of men and women around the world are influenced by these moments brought forth by sport. These are the stories you will find at Journeyman Sports. 
Here at Journeyman, you will be hard-pressed to find any game analysis. There are plenty of other places to get that fix. Here, we aim to bring you the stories behind the events that shape the places we live, the people we love and the games we play.

I’m Mason Masters. Welcome to Sports Unquantified.



Mason Masters is a writer, podcaster and retired Bingo-Caller. He grew up rooting for a bunch of objectively terrible teams, which made him ask the question that would ultimately lead to Journeyman Sports: 


“Why am I doing this to myself?”


Mason has been involved in such vaunted sports moments as peeing on the 30-yard line of the Georgia Dome, forgetting his ice skates for a hockey game, and being pooped on by a seagull at Wrigley Field before the Cubs blew a five-run lead. His work has been politely declined by sites such as Cracked, Deadspin (RIP) & Buzzfeed. Mason currently resides with his lovely wife in Chicago. They have two very subpar cats. 

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