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  • Mason Masters

Quarantine Rewatch: 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

{Look, there are no sports right now and it really sucks. ESPN and other channels have begun showing old games and to be honest, with the massive backlog of events recorded for posterity, I find their lack of imagination a little frustrating. So, for the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting events from different sports and different eras that are unlikely to come up on your TV guide. Hopefully, these posts will make this bizarro timeline a little less dumb. Thanks, YouTube!}

Okay, this one might grace your TV screen at some point. The NBA would be in the middle of the first-round playoff series’ if the world hadn’t gone to hell. It now looks like the season is probably going to be canceled, which is a shame not only for the awesome basketball the playoffs promised but because there wasn’t enough time for a particular goodbye.

Vince Carter, immortal that he is, probably has played his last NBA season. The Atlanta Hawks had enough foresight to put him on the court in the final seconds of what turned out to be one of the last games the NBA played this year. It wasn’t enough of a sendoff for the legend. So, let us remember the Halcyon days of 2000 when Vince Carter became the patron saint of the Slam Dunk Contest. Apart from Carter’s iconic dunks, this was a fantastic contest, featuring some real wonders from the likes of Steve Francis, Tracy McGrady, and others.

Sit back, relax while watching this wonderfully Canadian broadcast feed, and let the Vinsanity consume you.


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