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Quarantine Rewatch: The 1999 Home Run Derby

{Look, there are no sports right now and it really sucks. ESPN and other channels have begun showing old games and to be honest, with the massive backlog of events recorded for posterity, I find their lack of imagination a little frustrating. So, for the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting events from different sports and different eras that are unlikely to come up on your TV guide. Hopefully, these posts will make this bizarro timeline a little less dumb. Thanks, YouTube!}

Ah, 1999… what an innocent time.

Newly crowned Home Run King Mark McGuire, & his smiley nemesis Slammin’ Sammy Sosa were both a season past the home run race that saved baseball. The sport’s All-Star Game was to be held in iconic Fenway Park. But before we could get to the game, we had to take care of the really important event: The Celebrity Softball Game.

Just kidding, it was the Home Run Derby. Boston’s Green Monster was begging to have some epic dingers fired over it, and boy did baseball's best not disappoint! Joining McGuire & Sosa for Moonshotpalooza were other top players of the era like Ken Griffey Jr, Nomar Garciaparra, Larry Walker &… B.J. Surhoff?

Take a break from the stress of 2020 to enjoy the simple things from back in the day. You know, like steroid monsters blasting baseballs into the sun. #BACKBACKBACKBACKBACKGONE!


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