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  • Mason Masters

The World Hockey Challenge Game of the Week: Moscow Golden Eagles @ Steel City Rust Belters

What a time to be alive, folks. In this incredible, unprecedented moment where we find ourselves lies an opportunity. An opportunity to make life a little bit better. An opportunity for the birth of the greatest sports league to ever grace this pot-marked planet we call home.

Okay, what the hell am I talking about? Well, I'm bored as shit, guys. I have nothing to write about and since there are no live sports, I decided to make some.

I've constructively used my time in isolation to create 31 completely unique hockey teams. Each has its own history, its own distinct look, playing style, and culture. Hell, they each have their own goal music and (mostly) creepy mascot. These 31 teams hail from every corner of the globe, spanning tropical locales to the North Pole itself.

Using a fantasy draft to disperse the NHL's talent between teams, I've created a league. This league, the WHC, is currently being simulated. But each week I will bring you, the yearning sporting masses, a Game of the Week to watch, along with updates on the standings and latest league news. I will play a grand total of zero of these games. The outcomes will be totally legitimate.

Covering the games for Journeyman Sports each week will be legendary play by play man Bob Weaver and the charismatic but often controversial color analyst Tug "Tugger" McGinty. If these two giants of the game sound vaguely like yours truly, well... that's just a coincidence. What feats of athleticism will these two have the pleasure of calling? Will they be able to make it through a season without killing each other? You'll just have to stay tuned to find out.

Here it is, the inaugural World Hockey Challenge Game of the Week:

Steel City Rust Belters vs. Moscow's Golden Eagles.

It's been a rough couple of decades for Steel City. Jobs started to bleed away a long time ago in the rust belt and ever since the GM plant shut down, the town's been on the verge of collapse. The only thing keeping the community together are the boys that have set up shop in that old car plant, the Steel City Rust Belters. Can they deliver a much-needed polishing to tarnished Steel City and make a run for the title?

Their opponents have traveled all the way from Russia's capital city, and they have no intention of leaving town with a loss. The Moscow Golden Eagles sport some of the best talent Russia has to offer and they play a hard-nosed game, grinding opponents into dust. Their game is siege warfare, and as we all know, the Motherland is excellent at it. A preseason contender, the Golden Eagles must break whoever gets in their way to reach the title, starting with the Rust Belters.

So please, enjoy my descent into insanity, and please know that Journeyman Sports does not endorse or approve whatever the hell comes out of Tug McGinty's mouth.

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